Experienced English Editor with a Good Command of Hebrew


Hebrew to English translator seeks an experienced US English editor with a good command of Hebrew for editing and proofreading academic articles, papers, autobiographies/biographies and other books; preferably with knowledge and experience in APA style standards; payment conditions are good and it must be someone who can issue a recognized tax receipt /Vat invoice on payment.


1. Experienced at proofreading texts in different areas, including liberal arts and social sciences. Preferably have experience and knowledge in editing/writing according to APA academic writing style, but not a must.

2. U.S. English native speaker.

3. Good command of Hebrew.

4. Required: 250 word editing sample before collaboration.

5. Required replies by emails.

6. Must be someone who can issue a recognized tax receipt /VAT invoice upon payment.

Terms of work:

1. Fair rate / terms of payment (whatever rate you charge; payment within 10 days at most after submission of work).

2. All details to be agreed between the parties in advance.



Important: Contractor must be an osek mursheh / patur / za’ir (or the equivalent in your country) and provide invoices / receipts. 

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